Holistic approach to training

Whether tailored for high school students or working professionals, our training solutions revolve around four fundamental pillars:

  • Life Skills
  • Leadership Development
  • Foundational and Technical Skills
  • Talent Strategy

Our diverse, experienced team and holistic approach to training are what differentiates us. We understand that unearthing and developing talent involves more than just technical ability,

That is why we also address crucial aspects like instilling core values, cultivating positive habits, enhancing employability, charting a well-defined career trajectory rooted in strengths and aptitude, and offering invaluable mentorship.

Foundational and Technical Skills

Offering two solutions to address deficiencies in foundational and technical skills:

Teaching industry-relevant skills

Our expertise lies in providing tailored technical skills training through learnerships within the automotive, mining, manufacturing, engineering and FMCG industries. Our curriculums are aligned with industry requirements, equipping learners to navigate sector-specific challenges. We simplify the enrolment process by offering guidance to individuals and companies, ensuring optimal programme selection that aligns with their business needs.

Enhancing proficiency in maths and science

One of our main objectives for our technical skills programmes, is to improve high school learners’ level of comprehension in maths and science. Each learner receives a mobile smart device with an installed maths and science app, including sufficient data. This AI-assisted app provides access to over 3000 exercises per grade, with written answers and video explanations, and creates a unique learning pathway for each learner based on their app results.

The app digitally connects the learner with a tutor to clarify any questions.

Talent Strategy

Providing solutions underpinned by talent development needs:

Attracting and retaining the right talent at the right time

We work with organisations to develop tailored solutions that align with a bigger talent strategy. This approach ensures a consistent influx of potential employees that have the required skill set and cultural compatibility, timed to meet operational demands. Employing the right talent from the beginning also encourages improved staff retention.

Providing career path guidance

We use psychometric testing, mentorship, and life coaching to assist individuals in shaping a suitable vision and strategy for their career paths. These interventions not only assist individuals in making informed decisions regarding their careers, subjects, or employer opportunities but also serve as a recruitment tool for companies to identify the most suitable candidates for specific roles based on the results of these interventions.

Our track record in recruiting individuals from rural areas has made it clear to us that the challenge lies not in potential but in the availability of opportunities.

Leadership Development

Empowering individuals with the tools to become effective leaders:

Our training solutions are aimed at their immediate environment who are equipped to flourish in their work environment.

We focus on a spectrum of skills, including effective communication, strong work ethic, emotional intelligence, and essential soft skills.

Our programmes, including leadership camps, delve into the core attributes of leadership, equipping individuals with the qualities required to be successful in the workplace.

Life Skills

Guiding individuals to thrive through personalised mentorship and life coaching:

We are dedicated to nurture the holistic development of learners and employees through mentorship and life coaching. We empower them to explore their passions, set meaningful goals, develop essential life skills and have the necessary tools to navigate challenges with confidence and resilience.

Some of the topics and modules we cover include:

Eliminating excuses, and taking your power back

Avoid procrastination in your life

How to be selfless

Stories to learn from

The growth mindset

Rewriting your story

Changing belief systems and empowering beliefs

All our solutions can serve companies in various ways.

Our programmes not only make a substantial contribution to the B-BBEE scorecard but can also be strategically positioned to instigate meaningful change in our country.

Additionally, our programmes can be presented as pure skill development initiatives, enterprise and supplier development or corporate social investments.

Everything rises and falls on leadership.

John Maxwell

Targeted training shapes well-rounded leaders at every level of an organisation.