Future of Manufacturing Programme 2021 with Toyota South Africa Motors

The 2021 Toyota South Africa Motors Future of Manufacturing Programme (TSAM FOM) aimed to uplift and empower learners.

January 23, 2024

A journey of success and growth

The 2021 Toyota South Africa Motors Future of Manufacturing Programme (TSAM FOM) aimed to uplift and empower learners, providing them with essential life skills, academic support, and remarkable opportunities for personal and professional development. Through psychometric testing, interactive mentoring sessions, and access to cutting-edge technology, these learners embarked on a life-changing journey that exceeded all expectations.

Assessing Potential

The programme began with psychometric testing, which delved into the learners' reasoning skills, occupational interests, and learning potential. The Learning Potential Computerised Adaptive Test emerged as a powerful tool to identify learners' present and future levels of general reasoning ability without relying on language proficiency or prior learning opportunities. This set the foundation for a personalised and tailored learning experience.

Empowering with Life Skills

Weekly interactive mentoring sessions via Zoom became the core of the learners' personal development. Mentors guided them through essential life skills, including values, productive habits, conflict resolution, and effective communication. Daily reinforcing videos and monthly life coaching sessions ensured that the learners received comprehensive support in their growth journey.

Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Recognising the significance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in personal and professional growth, the learners completed an NQF5 Accredited course in Emotional Intelligence. This transformative course encouraged self-awareness, interpersonal skills development, emotional management, and resilience, equipping learners to excel in any organization and beyond.

Empowering Learning

Every bursar received a mobile device equipped with the maths and science app, enhanced with AI-assisted learning capabilities. This unique app provided access to a wealth of exercises and video explanations, creating individual learning pathways based on learners' progress. The app's digital connectivity with tutors allowed for clarifications and enhanced understanding.

Bridging the Gap

In-person workshops readied the bursars for the challenging maths and science senior certificate examinations. Conducted by experienced teachers, these workshops ensured that the learners were well-prepared to tackle the academic hurdles with confidence.

An Exclusive Opportunity

A select group of bursars had the opportunity to enter an exclusive 2-year automotive programme with Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM). This unique programme focused on holistic development, encompassing mental and physical wellness, technical skills, leadership training, on-the-job experience, international exposure, and teamwork.

Success Stories

The programme's impact was evident through the remarkable achievements of its participants. Learners like Mhlengi Shange and Sbonelo Gama excelled in their respective fields, achieving top positions in KZN and shining as testament to the programme's success.

We celebrate the resounding success of our company's transformative programme. From nurturing personal growth to providing cutting-edge educational tools and remarkable opportunities, this initiative has empowered learners to reach new heights and pave the way for a brighter future. We look forward to continuing our journey of empowering and inspiring young minds as they become the leaders of tomorrow.

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